What is an SR 22?
SR 22 is simply an official proof of liability insurance on a particular form (the form number is SR22).  This proof is sent electronically
from the insurance company directly to the State Department of Licenses when you get a liability insurance policy
How long must I carry an SR 22?  
This varies from case to case, but usually an SR 22 is required no longer than three years from the date your license is reinstated.
How long does it take to get the SR 22 Filing?
We advise that you sign up for your policy 10 days prior to getting your license.  Even though SR22 filings are electronically filed by
the insurance company, there is a slight delay in processing by the company and the State.
Can I just take my proof of insurance and filing to the department of licensing to use a proof?
Won't work - the SR 22 filing HAS to be noted in the DOL computer system.
Can I get my policy for just a month so I can get the filing and get my license reinstated?
Won't work - as soon as the liability insurance policy lapses or cancels, the company notifies the DOL, and your license is
immediately suspended
Do I have to get a separate policy for the SR22?
Not usually, Some companies can just add an endorsement to your present policy for the SR22.
SR-22 FAQ's